Air contains water vapour in varying quantities and the amount it holds depends upon the temperature of the air.  Warm air has a far greater capacity for holding moisture than colder air.  When warm air, containing high levels of moisture, comes into contact with colder air, or colder surfaces, it cools and loses its ability to hold the moisture.  The result is condensation.

In the UK, condensation is mainly a problem of the winter months, with warm air in centrally heated houses coming into contact wth cold surfaces (such as windows and tiles) or colder parts of the house.  It is surprising how much moisture is generated on a daily basis just by ordinary household activities.  Washing and cooking will produce 8-10 litres of water and a single person will expel over a litre of water just breathing!

Solutions may include:

Positive Pressure Ventilation - Our Anti-Condensation unit circulates fresh air throughout the property reducing humidity levels and also helps reduce and maintain Radon gas where levels have been detected up to 700 Bq/m3.

Passive Air Vents - Passyfier vents are non-mechanical vents operating continuously without noise extracting up to 2.3 litres of water per day.

Humidistat Extractor Fans - For high humidity situations in kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms providing quick evacuation of moisture laden air.

Simple recommendations to the home occupier on Condensation Control