The Anti-Condensation Unit

The Anti-Condensation Whole Home Ventilation and Positive Pressure Ventilation Systems

The Anti - Condensation Unit is designed to help banish condensation and damp stale air within the home by drawing in fresh air and introducing it into the property. 


Why Install This Unit? 

The installation of a Positive Pressure Ventilation System is also effective in reducing and maintaining radon levels within the home where levels have been detected up to 700 Bq/m3.
Lack of adequate ventilation and modern-day living can lead to a higher amount of humidity within the home and therefore causing the unsightly black mould associated with condensation.  This black mould produces spores which can pose a serious health threat to those who suffer from asthma and breathing problems.

How It Works: 

It controls condensation, mildew, mould and dampness, therefore, reducing the need to redecorate.

Promotes a healthier home by creating a fresher, cleaner environment.

Has low running costs and is energy efficient.

Is whisper quiet and needs minimal maintenance.

Helps reduce and maintain radon gas where levels have been detected up to 700 Bq/m3.

Available with an optional heater facility to provide additional heat to the incoming air if required.

This system ventilates the home by drawing in fresh air from outside and blowing it indoors.  Available in either loft or wall-mountable design.  

We can supply and fit these units.