Frequently Asked Questions

Some common queries answered below regarding structural waterproofing, damp proofing, condensation, wall tie corrosion, woodworm infestation and dry rot issues.

  • Do you charge for a survey?

    Yes we do charge. We will carry out a detailed inspection of your property after which you will receive a written report, quotation if remedial works are required and a drawing.

  • Can you provide a damp and timber report for my mortgage?

    Yes, we can provide this sort of survey and report.

  • Can you collect keys from an estate agent?

    If that means picking up keys from a certain location, or liaising with an estate agent we will do our best to work around you.

  • Do I have woodworm?

    The obvious sign of a woodworm beetle issue is by looking for ’emergence holes’ in any wood or timber. These holes are just a few millimeters in diameter and are easily visible.

  • I want to convert my basement into a dry, liveable accommodation.

    There will be a the risk of running water into the basement – to avoid this we would install a cavity wall membrane system to all walls and floors with a channel cut around the perimeter to take any running water away which may enter the rooms.

  • I am building a house into a hill, do I need to tank it?

    This type of treatment is required where external ground levels are higher than internal floor levels where walls are totally earth retaining, for example, within basements and cellars, subterranean vaulted areas that may be completely enclosed by earth or where adjacent structures or properties are constructed at different levels.

    We are experienced in construction tanking systems for commercial and domestic clients.

  • How do I know if I have rising or penetrating damp?

    Generally the difference between rising and penetrative damp is the height on the wall that it is occurring at. Rising damp will only occur up to a metre from the ground, Penetrating damp can occur anywhere but you’ll notice rising damp up to a metre from the floor.

  • What causes penetrating damp?

    Penetrating damp can arise as a result of a wide variety of causes e.g. building defects, such as cracked and defective external rendering, damaged and detective rainwater goods, i.e. downpipes and gutterings, leaking roofs, high external ground levels or poorly fitted or rotten joinery.

    We are experienced in resolving issues of penetrating damp – contact us today for expert advice

  • Do you offer guarantees

    We provide 10 Year Guarantees on Damp Proofing, Woodworm Treatments, Dry Rot Treatments, Structural Waterproofing Systems and Wall Tie Replacement. In addition to our Guarantees, for a small fee, Guarantees can be insurance backed the GPI (Guarantee Protection Insurance).

  • Where are you based?

    Drysafe is conveniently placed near Bideford in North Devon to enable us to efficiently undertake works throughout the whole of Devon and Cornwall.